Sunday, June 10, 2012

Thrice (The Alchemy Index: Air)

So once again, long time no anything. I need to work on this....
Especially considering that I hardly do much of anything these days.
Sorry for this too, its kind of lengthy 

Anyways, since I went to see Thrice pass through on their farewell tour
I figured "Hey why not write about Thrice?"
You guessed it....Its about Thrice.
If we're being honest here the next few will probably be.

Lets get started.

First off, live?

Holy crap. 

They are pretty incredible putting on a live show. They sound just as good live as they do on a CD, which to me says something about their musicianship. A lot of people are straight up crap live. Its a pretty sad thing that they're so produced but it happens right? However on the other hand it says quite a bit about the people who choose to actually make the music themselves and choose not to alter it too much with programs and such. 

Anyways back to Thrice.
As far as making a setlist goes, I think Thrice did really well. Especially considering that out of 100+ songs they were able to narrow it down enough to fit something in for every kind of fan (from their heavier stuff to the chiller songs) and still keep your attention.
Not only did they sound great, they also put on a show. But it wasnt a phoney synchronized headbanging at breakdowns and all that stuff. (Yes, I know) You could just tell they were really loving being there playing their music. 

At the end everybody was chanting "ONE MORE SONG!" of course, its what you do. Much to the pleasure of all of us they came out and played another three, which I thought was cool. Afterwords people started to head to the exit while others kept screaming for one more song. You cant blame them, this is the last time they'll see a band they love play live for a very very long time. 
And once again they came back out and played a couple more. Not alot of people can pull off a double encore of five songs and make it seem okay. 

Anyways, I'm running out of things to say.....
So you know what that means

Music time

First off The Alchemy Index is a concept album they did. It consists of four mini albums of about 5 or 6 songs each. Named Fire, Water, Air, Earth. 
Each has a different tone, which once again shows off the musicianship of these guys, and a different feel, story and style. I would probably call the Air album kind of an Indie Rock kind of sound. But once again I'm not good at putting Genre's to sounds. But everything on the Air album sounds kind of Airy and has something to do with it. (for example songs about the sky falling, wings, etc. you know, air stuff)

Okay So First Off!
Daedelus: Super chill song about Icarus and his father. Its from the fathers point of view too. It pretty much just goes over the whole lets make wings and fly away from this prison but oh no you're flying to high now you're dead thing. I thought this was really cool idea, I'm into mythology So I liked it
The Sky Is Falling.
The song title says what its about pretty much. But I like this one alot. Its got that kind of chill indie rock vibe I talked about. Kind of like Bloc Party but in darker keys? anyways, Enjoy
Broken Lungs. All around solid song. Pretty chill but keeps your attention
A Song For Milly Michealson
Pretty chill song, its got a good vibe and is an all around good listen. 

So thats all I have for this one sorry it was so long.
There are two more on the Air album I didnt put on 
As The Crow Flies & Silver Wings.
If you like the other stuff go listen to those too, they are super good. I just thought this was getting too long so I didnt put them up.

Also if you Have spotify, go check out the rest of their stuff. 
If you dont have spotify, go get it. its free and the best.

Anyways As always, everything I say on here is my opinion, nothing more. Acceptance of it as my own personal opinion is all I ask for, and if you want to disagree you can go to town, but my opinions will stay my opinions.

Much Love,