Sunday, February 12, 2012


So this week I've been listen to Jonsi a lot. Him and Sigur Ros (which is his full band) and it's made this week a pretty relaxed one.

Iceland puts out some weird stuff, most of which I'm not a super huge fan of, but this guys got it right in my opinion. He's got a super high voice, but its so clean and full it works for him, its not super high in the annoying sense. Also his Sigur Ros stuff is way good, so check that out if you feel the desire.

Its a little hard to explain what kind of stuff he makes because its super unique, but once again, its super good. But overall its some of the most chill and relaxed stuff I've heard, and yet some of it is pretty upbeat. From the slow to the upbeat, its all all around good music. To my knowledge he's only got one album and thats the "Go" album. He also did the soundtrack for "We Bought A Zoo" so I guess that would make two CD's. Both of which are amazing. The only reason I even went and saw We Bought A Zoo was because Jonsi did the music for it actually now that I think of it.

And live performance....whoa! I went to see him when he came through a while back in September I think? But HANDS DOWN it was one of the most amazing things I've ever witnessed. Indescribable really. But its time to let the songs speak for themselves.

Okay so first off

Henglias: I don't know what it is about this song, but it's safe to say its my favorite on this album. There's something about it i just find incredibly relaxing.

My next choice would probably have to be Tornado
Once again, i just find this song to be super chill. Not much else to say about it except that its just a really good song

Around Us:
One of the more upbeat songs. This one just puts me in a good mood

Last up is "Go Do"
Another song more on the upbeat side, all around a good listen. The beginning is actually pretty weird, but this is probably my favorite song behind Henglias. 
Also the live version is worth checking out

Thats my pick for today, I personally think its worth your time to check out the rest of his stuff. They're some good tunes.

As always, everything I say on here is my opinion, nothing more. Acceptance of it as my own personal opinion is all I ask for, and if you want to disagree you can go to town, but my opinions will stay my opinions.

Much Love,

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